Nikon Z 5 Body,w/Nikkor Z 50mm Macro f/2.8 Lens Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

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Product Details

The technical details behind this camera

A fantastic addition to the Nikon Mirrorless range. Push the limits of your creativity with the Z 5, an innovative full frame mirrorless camera built around Nikon's revolutionary Z mount. Compact yet powerful, simple yet sophisticated, its ready to grow with you. Whatever your skill level, the Z5 delivers detailed imagery, precision autofocus and the tools you need to be as creative as possible This awesome camera features an impressive Expeed 6 image processor powering exceptional low light performance and making the most of the newly designed Z Mount. The in-body stabilisation system is designed to partner seamlessly with the Nikkor Z lenses to supply up to 5 stops of advantage and the epic Auto Focus system completes the picture. There is so much more than meets the eye to this 24.3 Megapixel Full frame precision tool including a terrific 4k video capability, twin SD card slots and incredible build quality and durability to offer peace of mind that this is an ideal companion for years to come.

A stable and fast shooting platform

Sharpness starts with stability, and the Z5 has in camera image stabilization systems available which are up to the task. When using a NIKKOR Z lens, the camera body provides 5-axis VR image stabilization up to 5 stops of stabilization in 5 directions. A 273-point hybrid AF system covers 90% (approx.) of the frame for precise focus positioning. That means wherever your subject is in the frame, there’s almost certainly a focus point locked onto your subject. Face and eye detection autofocus for human and animals is available in stills shooting for perfect portraits every time. Smooth and reliable video focusing is available in all video modes offering additional flexibility to adjust the focus speed and sensitivity for your video masterpiece.

4k Video functionality

The new Nikon Z5 records amazing video, shooting 4K UHD footage, made capable via the advantages of a mirrorless technology. Adjustable focusing speed and sensitivity can be adjusted for cinematic effect.Enjoy smooth reliable autofocus in video recording with minimal to no focus breathing when using NIKKOR Z lenses. The Z5 also supports simultaneous time-lapse movie and interval timer shooting modes, creating both a movie and separate files for post production. All the action is captured seamlessly via two SD card slots. The Nikon Z5 includes two UHS-II SD card slots which can be used together for overflow storage, automatic back up or file separation into raw and jpeg.

Mirrorless technology in a Full Frame camera saves on size and enables speed and image quality

Harness the entire view of the expansive full frame lenses and capture over 50% more image area than crop-sensor cameras. The latest generation Nikon Expeed 6 image processor delivers exceptional low light shooting capabilities with an ISO range from 100 to 51,200. Mirrorless functionality enables a number of differences in the shooting experience over the mirrored equivalent product. Noticeably, the mirror takes up room and by removing it there is a space saving in the body size. The purpose of the mirror is to reflect the image into an optical view finder and by replacing the mirror the view of the subject is offered via the screen on the back or an electronic image via the tiny screen within the viewfinder. The geometry of the distance between the lens mount and the sensor also changes enabling changes to the size of the mount and more light is available to the sensor. As photography is literally painting with light, more light available opens the door to increased options to express yourself creatively. With a 17% larger internal diameter than Nikon’s acclaimed F Mount.. It totally changes what’s possible with lens design. Enhanced low-light performance. Even illumination from corner-to-corner. Maximum apertures as wide as f/0.95. Faster data transfer between camera and lens.

With Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm Macro f/2.8 Lens

Magnify the world with the Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm Lens. See the world beyond the naked eye and capture extraordinary life-size subjects with the 50mm micro lens, capable of close-up shooting and capturing a myriad of shooting scenarios all while magnifying the finest details. Be it the mechanism of a watch or a compelling composition of a portrait, users will be able to capture the intricacies while obtaining beautiful bokeh. The sleek next-generation Z lens design not only makes it effortless and fuss-free for traveling, but also provides the flexibility for attaching filters and accessories directly onto the lens for one’s pursuit of creativity.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this camera
  • A stable and fast shooting platform
  • 4K video to futureproof your shooting
  • Full Frame precision with speed and usability

Our experts opinion

With the introduction of this latest addition to the Nikon Z Series range, Nikon are displaying an ongoing commitment to the mirrorless format. With new glass being developed specifically for this system, Nikon are opening the door to users keen to reap the benefits of speed and usability offered by incorporating mirrorless into their camera. The Nikon Z5 includes a myriad of the pro features that we love about Nikon’s top end kit. It is weather sealed again dust, moisture and dirt, including sealing around all buttons and controls for extra piece of mind. The magnesium alloy skeleton of the Z5 provides an excellent strength to weight ratio, and is made of the same material as Nikons professional DSLRs. We love the little touches that add distinction with speed and usability and think that our customers will love the familiar Nikon look and feel in this innovative product.

Product Specs

24 Megapixels
Video Type
4K Video Recording
Video Type 2
Full HD Video Recording
Image Processor
EXPEED 6 Image Processor
CMOS Sensor
Shutter Speed
Electronic Front Curtain Shutter: 1/8000 to 30 Second
View Finder
Built-In Electronic (OLED)
Screen Size
Tilt Screen
1x EN-EL15c Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

Help, advice & price match

Help, advice & price match

We’re here to help, our expert staff will make sure you get the best possible support, advice and price.

Nikon Z 5 Body,w/Nikkor Z 50mm Macro f/2.8 Lens Full Frame Mirrorless Camera