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Product Details

The Technical Details Behind The Nikon Z 9 Camera

The Nikon Z 9’s powerful AF is the result of three technologies: an unprecedented AF calculation speed of 120 cycles per second, intelligent subject detection developed using deep learning, and rapid, constant communication of AF information between the lens and camera body via the Z mount. These technologies combine to perform a higher level of AF tracking performance for erratically moving subjects, even during high-speed continuous shooting. The AF algorithm is also tuned to nail moving subjects with confidence in low-light situations. Furthermore, the Z 9’s AF being controlled independently from live-view exposure enables powerful AF even in backlit situations.

Detecting world’s largest range of 9 different subject types — for stills and videos

In order to achieve reliable AF for a variety of subjects, the Nikon Z 9 employs an advanced algorithm developed using deep-learning technology and detects the world’s largest range of 9 subject types. With human subjects, the camera can detect and focus on a person’s eye even if it is small in the frame, which helps when cropping the image. It can even focus on the eye through goggles or sunglasses, or if upside down. In a dynamic situation such as where a gymnast performs a somersault during a floor exercise and the AF loses the face, detection will automatically shift to the head or upper body, maintaining focus on the subject. For wildlife photographers and photo enthusiasts, it also detects birds, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, and airplanes, as well as cats and dogs, allowing you to leave focusing on the camera while you concentrate on your image composition.

Persistent tracking lets you focus on the best moments — 3D-tracking

3D-tracking has long been praised for its tracking performance with Nikon D-SLRs, and the Nikon Z 9 brings this feature to the Z series for the first time. Coupled with subject detection developed using deep learning, it continues tracking a subject such as a racing car that approaches close and then moves away quickly, or a swiftly moving athlete.

Maintain focus on a subject exactly where you want – Dynamic-area AF

Many professional sports photographers decide exactly where in the frame they want to achieve focus before going into a scene and maintain it on a subject with dynamic-area AF. Taking advantage of the vast AF coverage, the Z 9 brings new advances by offering three dynamic-area AF modes: (S) with a focusing area equivalent to that of the D6, (M) with an area as big as that of the Z 7II, and (L) with an even larger focusing area. Effective use of these depending on the situation helps nail decisive moments in scenes such as soccer and basketball.

New stacked CMOS sensor achieves world’s most minimal rolling-shutter distortion

The Z 9 incorporates Nikon’s unique stacked CMOS sensor featuring 45.7 effective megapixels, which enables approx. 12× faster readout compared to the Z 7II. The world’s fastest scanning speed makes it possible to minimize rolling-shutter distortion. It realizes a design without the need for a mechanical shutter, enabling silent release at any time and for a vast number of shots without worrying about shutter wear.

Powerful EXPEED 7 for high-speed, peak performance

The core of a mirrorless camera’s performance is its image processing engine. The new EXPEED 7 image-processing engine is Nikon’s most powerful yet, taking full advantage of the stacked CMOS sensor’s potential and approx. 10× faster processing speed compared to the Z 7II to raise performance to a whole new level across the board. What is unique about this engine is that by processing dual-streamed data from the image sensor separately, it realizes the Real-Live Viewfinder, while also achieving high-performance AF, 8K in-camera video recording, 4K/120p, and more advanced features.

Superb view under harsh light – the world’s brightest Quad-VGA panel supporting 3000 cd/m²

Photographers need to shoot even in very bright conditions and sometimes face difficulties in confirming the subject through electronic viewfinders. That’s why the Z 9 incorporates a new Quad-VGA panel, in which brightness can be manually raised up to 3000cd/m². This allows you to see your subjects through the viewfinder more clearly, even if you are shooting on a beach in summer or snowfield in winter. What’s more, the Z 9’s EVF offers a smaller display size option for those wearing glasses to be able to view the whole frame.

High-Speed Frame Capture+ at up to 120 fps – revealing moments that last for less than 1/100 second

When you want to capture the exact moment such as a high diver’s fingertips hitting the water or a tennis ball momentarily deformed by the impact of the racket, the Z 9 offers a new High-Speed Frame Capture+ with AF/AE tracking. Rotating the release mode dial to the quick release-mode selection and selecting C120, you can take approx. 11-megapixel still images at 120 fps. This helps press coverage by revealing amazing, previously invisible moments that would otherwise be lost between the frames. With C30, you can shoot approx. 45-megapixel images at 30 fps.

Capture long sequences from start to finish – high-speed continuous shooting at 20 fps for more than 1000 frames

To capture the decisive moment, sometimes you need the whole story. Thanks to CFexpress Type B’s fast writing speed, the Z 9 allows you to keep shooting more than 1000 frames at approx. 20 fps in JPEG (L) fine and High Efficiency RAW. With remarkable AF performance, you can continue shooting figure skaters or rhythmic gymnasts from beginning to end.

Silent mode, ready for a variety of situations

Featuring a body design eliminating the need for a mechanical shutter, the Z 9 lets you release the shutter without a click sound. For occasions when you wish to be even quieter, the silent mode also turns off the VR lock as well as menu operation sounds, while minimizing lens drive noise. This is invaluable when shooting golf and tennis, or capturing still images on a film set while cameras are rolling.

1/32000 sec. shutter speed and fast NIKKOR Z lenses maximize your creative expression

One of NIKKOR Z’s most attractive points for image-makers is its beautiful bokeh without aberration even with the aperture wide open. The Z 9 opens up the usage still further for commercial and fashion photographers. Combined with its ISO 64 capability and 1/32000 sec. shutter speed, it allows the use of the maximum aperture of fast NIKKOR Z lenses such as the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S and f/1.8 S prime lens series even in bright locations like the beach or snowscapes. Now you can explore exciting new realms of expression.

The most practical 8K UHD/30p — the world’s longest, at over 2 hours of in-camera recording to help you capture the decisive moment

The growing demand for 8K video is making it essential for professional shoots with mirrorless cameras. The Z 9 was developed to meet such needs by providing truly practical 8K video recording. It efficiently dissipates heat, letting you continue recording 8K UHD/30p video in-camera for as long as 125 minutes. With the astonishing resolving power of NIKKOR Z S-Line lenses and full pixel readout, 8K UHD/30p the video reveal amazingly sharp detail from edge to edge. Now, you can record H.265 (HEVC) 10-bit and 8-bit, and select the color gamma from SDR, N-Log, and HLG according to your needs. For users like photojournalists who need to send their footage right away, Picture Control Auto optimized for video provides an instant natural look and colors. The camera detects 9 kinds of subjects even with video AF. Select the “auto” subject detection option to have the camera automatically detect any of these subjects without changing settings — convenient when you need to suddenly switch subjects. Not only that but the algorithm for AF speed [-5] and [+5] settings have also been improved to address filmmakers’ needs. It now lets you track a variety of subjects ranging from those moving extremely slowly to rapid action. What’s more, “AF drive for when a subject is not detected” can be set to “off,” enabling you to maintain the focus position in scenes where the subject is temporarily obscured.

Full-frame 4K UHD/120p for dramatic slow motion

In-camera video recording for a maximum of 125 minutes is also possible with 4K UHD/120p. You can create dramatic slow motion in full-frame without any crop. A 2.3× crop format is also available in 120p, which allows you to come closer to your subject without changing lenses. Furthermore, in-camera recording is possible in H.265 10-bit and 8-bit at any frame rate, allowing you to choose the format best suited for your postproduction needs.

Electronic VR expands handheld shooting opportunities

For video recording, the Z 9 features a leap forward in electronic VR, available in addition to in-camera VR and Synchro VR. Thanks to EXPEED 7, image blur caused by camera shake in handheld shooting is more powerfully compensated than before, facilitating recording while walking. It can also correct the trapezoid distortion common with wide-angle lenses.

Seamless video shooting workflow with enhanced operability

The Z 9 offers various functions to help filmmakers’ workflow progress smoothly and without error. Tack-sharp focus is critical in the 8K and 4K videos. For the first time in the world the Z 9 makes zooming available during movie playback pause to check focus in-camera and on-site. Manual focusing with the NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S can be controlled similarly to cine lenses as the focus shifts precisely according to the rotation angle. To make finding your desired moment easier during playback, the camera lets you customize how far you want to skip — either by seconds or by frames — using the main/sub-command dial. Meanwhile, the zebra pattern can also indicate “mid-tone range” — convenient for checking brightness on human subjects. HDMI output display latency is reduced than with conventional models, which helps when shooting video with external monitors. Furthermore, 24-bit Linear PCM audio recording is now possible, contributing to higher production values.

Key Features of the Nikon Z 9:

  • Powerful AF that can detect 9 different subject types
  • Real-Live Viewfinder
  • Over 2 hours of 10-bit 8K UHD/30p in-camera recording
  • 4-Axis vertical/horizontal tilting monitor

Top three reasons we think you will love the Nikon Z 9:

  • Excellent video quality and performance for practical applications
  • Tenacious AF that confidently nails critical moments in action
  • Dependable, ergonomic 4-axis vertical/horizontal tilting monitor

Our expert's opinion on the Nikon Z 9:

With the absolute confidence of never missing a single detail, In scenes of constant motion, In ice-cold or searing heat, To bring these untold moments to light. Now the time has come. With the arrival of a truly next-level flagship mirrorless camera: Fast, powerful, dependable — in an incredible range of scenarios. Experience ultimate professional image-making like never before. Whatever the challenge, whatever your goal, Nothing stands in your way. Nikon Z 9: Unstoppable.

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Product Specs

45.7 Megapixels
Video Type
4K Video Recording
Video Type 2
8K30p Video Recording
Image Processor
EXPEED 7 Image Processor
CMOS Sensor
Shutter Speed
Electronic Shutter: 1/32000 to 30 Seconds 0 to 900 Seconds in Manual Mode
View Finder
Built-In Electronic (OLED)
Screen Size
Tilt Screen
1x EN-EL18d Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
149 x 149.5 x 90.5 mm (W x H x D)

Help, advice & price match

Help, advice & price match

We’re here to help, our expert staff will make sure you get the best possible support, advice and price.

Nikon Z 9 Body Only Full Frame Mirrorless Camera
$9,499 $8,999.00