Battery Holders

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If you’re a photographer who is always on the go or a frequent traveller, you’re going to love a battery holder. You’ll never be stranded with a flat battery again; just load up your Olympus battery holder with a number of charged batteries and you’re good to go! Battery holders are the perfect way to keep your camera running for longer than ever before. They’re ideal for longer trips when you probably won’t be near a power socket. Just stock up your battery holder with the compatible Olympus batteries and you’ll enjoy an extended shooting capacity. As with Olympus battery grips, these battery holders may come with shutter buttons for easy shooting when you’ve rotated your camera 90 degrees. For rugged adventures, look out for a battery holder with splashproof and dustproof designs. Camera House stocks a range of Olympus battery holders and other accessories so browse our full selection online and snap up a camera essential!