Straps, Slings & Lanyards

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A camera case or bag gets you from point A to point B. When you’re moving about at point B to take amazing pictures, you need your camera out of the bag. Olympus straps, slings, and lanyards allow hands-free movement with your camera while keeping it secure. Neck straps or lanyards let you hang your camera around your neck. The camera dangles in front of you to make it easy to snatch up and take pictures. Wrist straps keep your camera close to your hand. Or place your camera at your side with a sling. Because it’s not bouncing about in front of you, it’s less likely to bump into things, risking damage. When you’re using your camera in the water, float straps are a handy way to keep it close. Photograph with freedom of movement and peace of mind. As you examine options, think of your own personal preference and choose comfortable carrying accessories from among our many options.