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Did you know that Olympus has been around since 1919? This pioneering optics brand didn’t start making cameras until 1936, but it has since shaped the landscape of photography. In 1959, Olympus revolutionized the compact camera market with the PEN series. Nowadays, Olympus offers a wide selection of portable compact camera packed with features. Professionals will want to look at the OM-D series while novices will find the TG series more adapted to their needs. The PEN series still exists and would be an excellent choice for someone interested in a performing compact camera packed with advanced features without actually purchasing a camera designed with professionals in mind. Olympus’s range of compact cameras are a favourite lightweight camera for keen photographers, packed with advanced features. Manually adjust your settings to enjoy optimal performance with these outstanding cameras. There are many advantages to having a lightweight compact camera - especially if it offers a range of features even professional photographers would love. Browse our range of Olympus compact cameras today.