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As a photographer, you likely want brilliant images—but not too brilliant. Sunlight can interfere with the quality of your photos. Use a lens hood to get better control of your shots, no matter where you are or what time the shoot is.. Unwanted light flares in photographs happen when the sun's rays directly enter the lens. Lens hoods minimise sun interference and glare. As a bonus, they shield the lens from dust and fingerprints. Lens hoods come in two styles. The tube style is especially suitable for telephoto (zoom) lenses. The petal, or tulip, style works with the direction of the lens's light sensors for optimal performance. Because the design keeps the hood out of the frame of your shot, it's great for wide-angle lenses. When you look for a lens hood, consider your lens type and typical shooting conditions. Browse our full range of lens hoods today or keep your gear protected with some of our other cleaning and protection accessories.