Explore Camera House's telescopes for astronomical wonders. From planets to distant galaxies, our range offers exceptional clarity and magnification. Embark on cosmic journeys with our reliable telescopes and imaging expertise.

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Buy Telescopes at Camera House Australia

Looking to explore the wonders of the universe and get a closer look at the stars, galaxies, planets, and the moon? Camera House Australia offers a range of telescopes for beginners and seasoned astronomers alike. We have a range of refractor and reflector telescopes, along with all the accessories you need to make your stargazing experience even better.

How do telescopes work?

Telescopes work by collecting light and focusing it to create a magnified image. The larger the aperture of the telescope, the more light it can gather and the clearer the image will be. The image is then magnified by the eyepiece, allowing you to see celestial objects in more detail!

What are the different types of telescopes?

There are two main types of telescopes: refractor and reflector telescopes. Refractor telescopes use lenses to focus the light and create an image, while reflector telescopes use mirrors. Refractors are typically easier to use and require less maintenance, while reflectors often provide more power for the price.

How do you choose the right telescope?

When choosing a telescope, it is important to consider your experience level, your budget, and your goals. Beginners may prefer a smaller, more portable telescope, while advanced astronomers may want a larger, more powerful telescope with advanced features.

Also, consider the type of observing you want to do. If you're interested in viewing the moon and planets, a refractor telescope may be best, while if you want to view deep-sky objects like galaxies, a reflector telescope may be more suitable.

How do you take care of your telescope?

To keep your telescope in good working condition, it's important to clean and maintain it regularly. Keep the optics clean and protected from dust and debris, and store the telescope in a dry, cool place when not in use. Avoid touching the optics with your fingers, and be careful when transporting the telescope to prevent damage. You can also invest in accessories like mounts and tripods to make your viewing experience more comfortable and stable.

Discover a Range of Reflector and Refractor Telescopes From Leading Brands

Reflector telescopes use mirrors to capture enough light to highlight the full glory of nebulae, galaxies, and clusters deep in the sky. For close-ups of our neighbouring planets, you'll want a refractor telescope. Featuring high quality, fully-coated glass optics lenses, refractor telescopes are easy to set up and work as powerful telescopes during the night and spotting scopes during the day. Our range of telescopes feature telescopes for experienced enthusiasts and beginners looking for their first telescope. Our top picks for telescopes include:

At Camera House Australia, we offer a range of telescopes, lenses, eyepieces, mounts, tripods, and other optics such as field scopes, rangefinders or binoculars to enhance your stargazing experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned astronomer, we have everything you need to explore the wonders of the solar system and beyond. Start exploring the skies today with our range of telescopes!