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Camera Lights and Flashes

An in-built flash on the camera’s body can be limited in low light environments. External flashes and camera lights would allow you to add an extra burst of light to produce high-quality images in dull conditions.

External camera flashes often outperform in-built camera flashes because they're more powerful and can be used at a distance. A flash gun can be pointed in many directions, making you explore more creative photographic techniques.

Lighting Solutions for all Photography Levels

A camera flash, or flash gun, is a piece of equipment that produces a beam of light for a very short period of time when you release the camera shutter. It is used to lighten shadows and brighten your subject without having to decrease the shutter speed or increase the ISO settings which affect the quality of the photos.

A flash gun is an essential accessory to have in your photography accessory collection, no matter if you’re a professional photographer or you take photos as a hobby. At Camere House, we stock an extensive collection of camera lights and flashes that can go well with a range to top camera brands, like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus and more.

We also stock a range of lighting equipment, such as ring lights, flash diffusers, reflective discs, flash shoe mounts, etc. Those lighting accessories are from the most popular brands lick ProMaster, Sigma, Canon, and Olympus to name a few.

Camera Lights and Flashes at the Best Price in Australia

With so many options to choose from, shop camera flashes and lighting equipment today. Order online and enjoy flat-rate delivery Australia-wide, or check out our store locator to visit a Camera House store near you.

We publish many blog articles to help our beloved customers make the right decision before making a purchase. We also have good tips and tricks to use the products and enhance your photography skills, so check out now!