ProMaster UV HGX Prime 67mm Filter

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The Technical Details Behind This Filter

Many active photographers swear by lens filters. After all, they are what keep your camera lens safe and secure during shoots. Filters let you experiment with your photography without worrying about any scratches on the lens. ProMaster knows the importance a lens filter holds in every photographer’s life, which is why they have come up with a range of superb lens filters compatible with different lenses.

One exceptional lens filter in this range is the ProMaster UV HGX Prime 67mm Filter. With amazing features, this filter is just what you need for your outdoor shoots. Its weather-resistant features keep your lens secure from possible harm by external elements while shooting.

If you’re a carefree photographer (we bet most are) who loves focusing on the creative aspects rather than the safety of your equipment, you surely need to invest in this lens filter.

Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The ProMaster UV HGX Prime 67mm Filter
  • This UV filter has an extensive manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality. The filter glass is ground, polished and further coated, to give your lens additional security.
  • The filter has an exceptional light transmission rate of 98.2%, which ensures your lens sees exactly what you see.
  • It is equipped with a UV filter that blocks ultraviolet rays and only allows passage of clear, visible light.


Getting rid of dust, dirt and moisture on lenses is a huge, time-consuming task. This is one of the main reasons why photographers are so careful with their lenses, irrespective of the shoot type and location. However, with the ProMaster UV HGX Prime 67mm Filter, you have no reason to worry. It has an anti-static filter that repels dust, dirt, oil, water as well as fingertips. The polished lens does not allow any of these elements to settle on it and ensures the transmission of only brilliant light to achieve the clearest possible image.

To promote passage of light, the lens additionally features cutting-edge multi-coatings as well as a black rimmed glass pass.

Quality And Reliability

Once you have paired your camera lens with this lens filter, you have no reason to fret over the safety of your lens at all. The ProMaster UV HGX Prime 67mm Filter has a sturdy build and is made of ultra-hardened glass. Along with 22 other coatings, this glass also has a special scratch-resistant layer. With all these features, the lens is completely weather-resistant.

Our Expert’s Opinion

With all the features the filter offers, the ProMaster UV HGX Prime 67mm Filter is a must-have accessory in your photography kit. Despite multiple coatings, the filter does not hamper your image quality. Instead, it delivers excellent colour-saturated images. It is fast, provides a top-notch output and protects your lens all at the same time. To summarize, it ticks off all the right checkboxes for a perfect lens filter. You need to add this to your kit right away!
DimensionsThread size: 67mm | Outer diameter: 70mm | Frame thickness: 6.5mm | Lens thickness: 1.3mm