ProMaster SDXC Advanced 64GB 633x 95MB/s UHS-I, U3, V30 Memory Card

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The technical details behind this kit

Shooting for long hours is extremely easy when you have the right photography equipment with you. While most photographers invest in the best quality camera, lenses, tripods and other gear, they tend to forget one tiny detail – additional storage capacity. There are many storage alternatives available out there – right from hard drives to external storage devices- one of the most preferred storage options is the memory card.

Memory cards fit the bill perfectly; they are sleek, compact, and can be carried around easily. Compared to bulky storage options, these cards are preferred, especially when it comes to outdoor photography. If you too are looking to add memory cards to your photography kit, ProMaster is a trusted brand. They have a range of storage options of varying capacities, giving you the flexibility to pick one as per your requirements. One of their most popular products is the ProMaster SDXC Advanced 64GB 633x 95MB/s UHS-I, U3, V30 Memory Card. .

Top three reasons we think you will love this camera
  • Adding a super quick memory card to your kit will only quicken your workflow. This memory card from ProMaster offers a write speed of 100MB/s. This makes it perfect for recording clean, uninterrupted videos at super high resolutions. The speed this 64GB memory card offers makes it perfect for videographers.
  • This memory card is great for photographers too. The velocity memory of the card can keep up with your camera’s high frame rate, even when shooting in the RAW mode.
  • Thanks to the blazing fast 285MB/s download speed, you no longer have to spend long hours transferring data from your camera to your computer. The quick downloading speed allows you to quickly pull large files into your computer or video editing suite.


This secure digital memory card is perfect for storing data in portable devices. Right from digital cameras, video recorders, smartphones and portable music players, these cards are compatible with all devices. The read speed of the memory card is 285MB/s, making transferring, copying or capturing images on it easy. You also have a write speed of 100MB/s, which further enhances the speed of the camera.

This memory card comes under the U3 category, which means that the minimum write speed would not drop below 30MB/s. It is a UHS-II card and offers relatively fast read and write speeds. The UHS-II cards are designed for videographers who need to write and backup large capacities of data.

Quality And Reliability

The memory card is compact, sleek and lightweight. This makes it easy to not only carry it along but also store it. Thanks to the small size of the card, it becomes a great option, especially for photography on the move.

Our expert's opinion

All the features of this memory card are well-suited to meet your requirements as a photographer or videographer – which is why you need to consider adding it to your kit right away!