ProMaster GH26 Professional Gimbal Head with Quick Release Plate

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The technical details behind this gimbal head

ProMaster GH26 Professional Gimbal Head with Quick Release Plate offers reliable features and remarkable construction. The ProMaster GH26 Gimbal Head consists of 3 parts that can quickly be separated for portability. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum that is precision machined and exceptionally strong. Both the swing arm and the rotating base have their own separate controls for tension and also for locking (4 control points in all). This allows you to use the gimbal in a traditional fashion with loose, free motions or with smooth, fluid-like, controlled motions thanks to the tension controls. The locks allow you to lock in either or both of the movements. Laser-etched scales can be found along the base, the upright, and the rotational portions of the GH26. These allow for consistent, repeatable setups as you exchange cameras and lenses. A unique, smooth-control handle is included with this kit. When attached, it provides a leverage point making it easy to control the gimbal with smooth, sweeping motions. This handle is adjustable so you can set it to the desired position for best use. The included Dovetail (Arca-type) quick release plate has both 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting bolts and a removable spring-loaded anti-twist pin You can use these attachment features independently or together, depending on the connection options found on your lens, camera, or video camera. The ProMaster GH26 (9278) is a highly adjustable Gimbal Head capable of traditional gimbal action as well as controlled, fluid-like movements for both still photography and videography.

Key features
  • Lightweight, machined aluminum construction
  • Cold weather rated to -13 F / -25 C
  • Adjustable tension controls at arm and base

Top three Reasons we think you will love this gimbal head
  • Smooth-control handle achieves exceptional maneuverability
  • Locks at both arm and base
  • Compatible with ProMaster dovetail or other Arca-type quick releases