ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 Battery

Enhance your camera's longevity with the ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery. A reliable spare or replacement for Nikon EN-EL25, it offers 1280mAh ca... Read More.
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Help, advice & price match

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Product Details

Technical details

With ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery, your digital camera or camcorder will function flawlessly for a very long period. This rechargeable battery is a spare or replacement item for Nikon EN-EL25 Battery that has a 1280mAh capacity. This gives you limitless time to be creative with your shoots and videos while assuring that you are still getting the best results.

Voltage: 7.6 V
Capacity: 1,280 mAh / 9.73 Wh
Dimensions: 51 mm x 34 mm x 18 mm
Weight: 52 g / 1.83 oz

Lithium Ion
High Quality
Long Lasting Power Source

Key Features

Fast Charging: You will never need to wait too long for your batteries to be ready to rock again. ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery is always ready for photoshoot adventures as it will need only 2 hours to be charged. With that being said, having the ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 can never limit you’re the power of your camera while giving you the best experience and quality.

Run on Lithium Ion: You can never go wrong with ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery provides up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid batteries. This will give you loads of time with your photo and video adventures.

Powerful Lightweight Battery: There is no more convenient than having 0.52kg of battery in your camera bag. ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery is very lightweight and it gives which means it will give you more freedom to bring it with you wherever your photoshoot is.


Superior Quality: You will never be disappointed with ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery. The manufacturer assures you that it will exceed your expectations when it comes to its performance. Having the ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery will always give you the confidence that your work need not be interrupted. 

Long Lasting Power: ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery is the battery that you can always depend on. With its 1280mAh, it will allow you to have a longer period of time shooting photos and videos. ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 will never leave you hanging.

Long Battery life: This ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 battery is a good investment. Its battery life can last up to 3 years. You will always get that full power that you are aiming for whether it is just for a normal shoot or an extraordinary shoot.

What's included
  • ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 Battery
  • Warranty
What's not included
  • Any additional accessories or equipment
  • Battery Case
  • Battery charger

Product Specs

Battery Life
1,280 mAh / 9.73 Wh

Help, advice & price match

Help, advice & price match

We’re here to help, our expert staff will make sure you get the best possible support, advice and price.

ProMaster Nikon EN-EL25 Battery