ProMaster Scout SC426K Travel Tripod Kit - with Ball Head

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ProMaster Scout SC426K Travel Tripod Kit - with Ball Head

A steady and secure tripod is every photographer’s dream. After all, shooting across terrains becomes a whole lot easier with a sturdy tripod. ProMaster has understood these very requirements of photographers and incorporated them into the Scout SC426K Travel Tripod.

This product from ProMaster sports 4-section legs, each of which can be independently spread and adjusted at multiple angles. This is extremely helpful as it helps you steadily level up your camera when shooting on treacherous terrain.

The centre column has a retractable weight hook, and this adds to the stability of the tripod, especially in windy situations. The column can be separated into two parts, allowing you to bring your camera to the ground level. This makes it perfect for macro photography and provides a unique compositional perspective.

Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The ProMaster Scout SC426K Travel Tripod Kit
  • The tripod is compatible with rocky terrains as it sports flexible and easily adjustable legs. You can modify the angle of every leg as required, enabling you a camera-shake-free shooting experience.
  • The ProMaster Scout SC426K Tripod’s ball head operates smoothly and incorporates the ProMaster dovetail quick-release system. This gives you a freehand to use the included quick-release plate, an L bracket and a whole range of compatible accessories.
  • The working height range of the tripod varies from 27.3-170.3 cm, providing you with the much-required flexibility to experiment with different types of photography.


The tripod has been crafted specifically to meet the needs of active photographers. These features include its lightweight and easily foldable layout. Its retractable and detachable elements add to its worth, making it one of the most sought-after tripods by photographers across the world.

The tripod is foldable up to the length of 47cm. With this height, it saves a lot of space and is easily portable, too. ProMaster Scout SC426K Travel Tripod Kit also features the Scout ball head that adds value to the tripod, allowing you to pair it up with multiple suitable accessories.

Quality And Reliability

The tripod is built for tough usage, with lightweight, durable materials. While the tripod is strong enough in itself, for added safety, you can team it up with a tripod case if required. The collapsible body of the tripod makes it even better suited for outdoor usage, as you can easily carry it around in its contracted form.

Our Expert’s Opinion

If you’re looking for one tripod that will suit all your requirements, the ProMaster Scout SC426K Travel Tripod Kit with the Ball Head is perfect. It gives you the stability required for all types of photography. Its collapsible design allows you to use it for handheld photography, too. It is built from strong, weather-resistant materials, making it the best choice for outdoor photography. The tripod has the required flexibility to help you shoot freely, even on complex topographies. All in all, the tripod is a must-have device for photographers looking to take their game up a notch.
DimensionsTripod Folded Length: 47 cm | Ball Head Height: 8.3 cm