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Buy Rode Products at Camera House Australia

Immerse yourself in the world of impeccable audio with Rode at Camera House Australia. The Sydney-based company Rode, known globally for its superior microphones and audio accessories, offers a remarkable range that caters to audio professionals, music enthusiasts, podcasters, and everyone in between. Unleash your creativity with a Rode product today and let your voice be heard in all its grandeur.

At Camera House, we stock a huge range of RODE microphones and RODE audio accessories. Our range of RODE microphones includes Rode shotgun mics, Rode camera mics, Rode video mics, Rode broadcast mics & more. The Rode audio accessories add extra quality and convenience for the audio recording, such as Rode windshields, pop filters, cable adapters, microphone stands, tripods, and plenty more besides.

Who are Rode Microphones?

Rode Microphones, a subsidiary of the Freedman Electronics Group, is an Australian company that has been delivering professional audio equipment since 1967. With an unwavering commitment to design, performance, and quality, Rode has etched its name among the top brands in the world of audio technology.

Rode offers a broad suite of products, from studio microphones and podcast production equipment to on-camera microphones and accessories. With innovative design, rigorous quality assurance, and an industry-leading warranty, Rode ensures that every piece of equipment enhances your audio experience, whether you're in a professional studio or your personal music space.

What products do Rode Microphones sell?

Rode's product range is a testament to its expertise and dedication to providing excellent audio solutions for all. From vloggers and podcasters to musicians and broadcasters, Rode has a product tailored to meet your unique needs.

For podcasters and content creators, the RodeCaster Pro integrates a podcast production studio into a single unit, offering intuitive controls and features that make podcasting a breeze. Coupled with the NT-USB microphone, creating high-quality audio content has never been easier.

Studio microphones like the NT1 and NT2 set the industry standard for clarity and warmth, perfect for capturing vocals and instruments in great detail. Shotgun microphones, including the VideoMic range, deliver high-quality directional audio, making them a popular choice for on-camera applications.

Rode also offers a comprehensive array of audio accessories, including XLR cables, bags, and microphone cases to protect and transport your gear. From the studio to the stage, Rode provides everything you need to capture, control, and deliver audio in its purest form.

When you choose Rode, you're not just buying a microphone - you're joining a community of audio enthusiasts worldwide who trust Rode to capture and amplify their voice. Improve your audio recording today with RODE Microphones from Camera House. We're proud to support this Australian-owned company, so shop online today to get flat-rate delivery across the country!

At Camera House, we publish many blog articles to help our beloved customers make the right decision before making a purchase. Check out The 5 Best Podcast Microphones for High-Quality Audio and How to Improve Audio for Your Vlogs to guide your choice.