Sony 12-24mm f2.8 GM Lens

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The technical details behind this Lens

The Ultra-wide 12-24mm F2.8 lens emphasises distance to create dynamic perspectives that are beyond the scope of the human eye, opening the door to new avenues of creative expression. It delivers stunning corner-to-corner resolution and utilises 4 XD Linear Motors for fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking. The key to this lens is it’s smooth operation and high reliability in a compact lens and with the added advantage of a dust and moisture resistant design and fluorine coats lens and ND filter template for rear filter holder, it really is a comprehensive professional lens to worthy of addition to the G Master range. .

Exceptional Auto Focus

Sony’s innovative XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors make it possible to maintain focus on moving portrait subjects, performers on stage, or similarly dynamic subjects with impressive speed, precision, and reliability, while also providing quiet, low vibration AF control.

G Master precision

The G Master quality and shootability are the ultimate Sony Lens. The professional details abound and the results speak for themselves. Professionals embrace the additional care taken to craft every one of these lenses. When your living relies on an uncompromising perfect result every time, you will too.

Professional Housing and weather resistance

Class-leading design results in a lens that is mobile and manageable, while lens and body sealing enhances reliability for outdoor shooting. A fluorine coating on the front element helps to prevent dirt and fingerprints from sticking, and makes it easier to wipe these away if they do become attached to the lens surface. This is a lens that can be used with confidence in a variety of challenging outdoor conditions.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this lens
  • Serious usability and pin sharp quality
  • Lightning fast Autofocus
  • The commitment that went in to the technical delivery of this lens.

Our experts opinion

Sony have always offered game changing technology built with a user in mind. The target user for this amazing lens, professionals shooting wide angle imagery are a pretty niche part of the market, but the development of the lens and is as much an indicator of the ongoing commitment to developing technologies that appear in more consumer related products. In practical terms it means that the F2.8 range of Sony’s G Master series lenses now extends all the way through from 12mm to 200mm constant. Camera House look forward to the ongoing journey and appreciate the devotion Sony are showing to the art of crafting amazing cameras and lenses.