Sony NPFZ100 Battery

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Product Details

The technical details behind this camera

Outdoor photography comes with challenges of its own. You need to make sure you have a whole range of additional equipment to keep your gear protected and make sure your shoot progresses seamlessly. Apart from a sturdy camera, excellent tripod, and tough lens, you also need to consider investing in a good quality battery.

A great backup option for emergencies when your camera runs out of charge, investing in a battery will help you stay prepared in all situations. Batteries are convenient not only for outdoor projects but also when shooting for long hours. Your camera will be charged well and you can shoot without any interruptions.

Sony is one reputed brand you can trust when it comes to top-notch batteries. The brand has developed a range of good quality batteries, and one among them is the Sony NPFZ100 Battery, crafted for the Sony A9 camera. Apart from this camera model, the battery is also compatible with other cameras from Sony. The Sony NPFZ100 Battery is just what you require to keep you going uninterrupted. Let’s understand the key feature of this battery.

Top three reasons we think you will love this camera
  • The Sony NPFZ100 Battery is compatible with a range of Sony cameras such as Alpha A9 II, Alpha A9, Alpha A7R IV, Alpha A7R III, Alpha A7 III, and Alpha A6600. The battery comes as part of the respective camera kits, but you can always consider investing in an additional set if required. In this way, you remain prepared for all types of contingencies that may arise, irrespective of the shooting conditions.
  • Despite the powerful capacity it offers, the battery is extremely lightweight and compact. Not only does it make it easy to carry along in your kit, but it also ensures it does not add too much bulk to the camera.
  • These batteries are powerful and offer a capacity of 2280mAh, with an output voltage of 7.2VDC. This makes the Sony NPFZ100 Battery stand apart from the rest of its counterparts in the range, which offer lesser capacity. With the power range that these batteries deliver, you can keep going for long hours.


This lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, making it all the easier to use. It is suitable for both digital cameras as well as video cameras. With a 16.4 Whrs capacity, the battery can keep your devices active and running for a pretty long time.

Quality And Reliability

As this product comes from Sony, you don’t need to worry about the quality and efficacy. The battery delivers what it promises and has a sturdy build, too. You can comfortably use it for different applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Our expert's opinion

If you are looking to add to your kit a battery that offers high power capacity, your search ends right here. It comes at a cost-effective price and is the best model in its range – enough reasons to convince you to invest in it instantly!

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Help, advice & price match

Help, advice & price match

We’re here to help, our expert staff will make sure you get the best possible support, advice and price.

Sony NPFZ100 Battery