Photo restoration service

Photo restoration service

Repair old, damaged and faded photos with Camera House. Visit us in-store for a no-obligation quote.

Photo restoration. Repair and enhance old, damaged or faded photos with restoration services.

Save your old images with photo repair services

Do you have torn, faded or discoloured photos that you’d love to bring back to life? Camera House’s specialised photo restoration services are just what you need, with our skilled team able to breathe new life into old memories. Restored photos make a fantastic and meaningful gift – think restored wedding photos, vintage family portraits and so much more.

Camera House’s photo repair specialists can work with old photos to meticulously repair and enhance every detail. When working with old photos, we understand how precious these memories are, so the greatest of care is taken at every step. When handling your photos, our team wear white gloves to prevent further damage, and minimise unnecessary handling.

Just some of the things we can do include:

  • Enhancing and restoring colour
  • Fixing tears and cracks
  • Removing people and subjects
  • Replacing backgrounds
  • Removing blemishes and imperfections.

Because every restoration project is different, we provide a free, no obligation estimate before we begin any work. We can also help to organise your photos in folders, based on supplied information, so you can find those photos easily in the future.

What’s the process to restore my photos?

Getting your photos restored doesn’t need to be hard. We’re here to make it easy. Here’s the usual process:

  1. Bring your damaged photos into your nearest Camera House store for an assessment. It’s best if you remove photos from albums and frames, gently removing any dust etc. To help with organisation after we have digitised them, please provide us with any names, dates or locations, so we can save files in a way to help you easily find the photo you’re searching for down the track.
  2. The Camera House team will assess your photos and talk to you about the services you may need, like any additional editing (like removing that weird guy from the background of your parent’s engagement photo).
  3. We’ll give you an estimate based on the restoration services your image needs, and a timeline for how long the project will take.
  4. The Camera House team will scan and digitise your original photos and prints. We then use our skills to edit and enhance the image using the latest software to restore it. 
  5. Once it’s done, we save the restored photo as a high-resolution copy that you can use to order new prints, or share electronically with friends and family. Your original image will be returned to you in its original state, along with the digital file of the repaired image.

How easy does that sound?

FAQ about photo restoration

  • How much does photo restoration cost?
    Photo restoration is custom quoted based on the amount of repairs or editing needed. Please see us in-store for a no-obligation assessment of your photos to receive a quote.
  • How long does photo restoration take?
    Photo restoration is a specialised service and our team take special care of your precious original images. Timelines depend on the amount of work required and store workload. You’ll be given an estimated timeframe when you receive your quote.
  • Can I request specific retouching or enhancements during photo restoration?
    Absolutely. As this is a custom service, our team will work with you to your specific requests. This can include editing out elements, enhancing key features, colour correcting and more.
  • What types of images can be restored and are there limitations?
    We can restore most types of photos, but please check in store to discuss what is possible with your unique images. We’ll give you an upfront appraisal and let you know any limitations as part of the assessment and quoting process.

Let’s restore your photos

Make old photos vibrant again with photo restoration.

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