Photo scanning & archiving service

Photo scanning & archiving service

Protect and digitise your old photos with photo scanning from Camera House. Talk to us in-store about scanning and archiving options.

Digitise and preserve your precious photos so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Turn old prints into new digital images

What’s the one thing people always say they’ll save if their house is on fire? It’s photo albums. But if disaster strikes, there’s often not time to grab these precious memories. That’s where Camera House’s photo scanning and archiving service can help you to protect your photos, slides and negatives.

Our photo scanning service can convert your physical photo collection into digital images that you can easily access and share, as well as advising you on ways to ensure your photos are safely backed up. We can scan your images to preserve all their colour and detail, as well as providing editing and enhancement services upon request. We’ll also help with strategies to organise your photos so you can access the right photos, when you need them. (Hello, photo slideshows for milestone birthdays and anniversaries, now easier than ever.) Get those photos out of albums and shoeboxes and into the modern age so you can keep enjoying them well into the future.

Why choose Camera House for photo scanning to digital images

We understand that trusting someone with your irreplaceable photos is a big deal, and we don’t take that trust lightly. The Camera House team is made up of skilled professionals, who will treat your photos as if they were our own.

We use state-of-the-art, high-resolution scanners that allow us to process images, slides and negatives quickly, together with industry-leading image processing software to get you great results each and every time. As well as scanning your images, slides and negatives, we can also provide editing services, like colour correction, image enhancements and more. 

Protect your images from physical deterioration for years to come, as well as bringing faded images back to life with digitisation and enhancement services. Talk to us in-store about your specific needs.

How does photo scanning to digital work?

Getting your photos scanned to digital doesn’t need to be hard. We’re here to make it easy. Here’s the usual process:

  1. Bring your photos, slides and negatives into your nearest Camera House store for an assessment and quote. Photos will need to be removed from albums or frames, supplied to Camera House in acid-free envelopes or sleeves. We recommend gently cleaning photos to remove dust or debris. You can also provide us with information like names, dates and locations, to be used for cataloguing and future search requirements.
  2. The Camera House team will assess your photos and talk to you about the services you need, for example any additional editing (like colour enhancements) or any information for file structure creation.
  3. We’ll give you a quote based on the volume of photos, slides and negatives, and a timeline for how long the project will take.
  4. The Camera House team will scan and digitise your original photos, slides and negatives We can also organise the photos based on any supplied information.
  5. Once it’s done, we save your scanned photos, slides and/or negatives as high-resolution digital files. You can use these to order new prints, or share electronically with friends and family. Your original prints, slides and negatives will be returned to you in their original state.

Too easy, right?

FAQ for photo scanning and photo archiving

  • How much does photo scanning cost?
    Photo scanning is a custom service with pricing dependent on the format (prints, slides or negatives), the number of photos and the services you require. The base service includes scanning and converting to a digital image. Optional add-on services include editing, retouching, file organisation, and storage and backup consultancy. Talk to us in store about your unique needs for a customised quote.
  • How do I need to supply photos?
    Photos will need to be removed from albums or frames, supplied to Camera House in acid-free envelopes or sleeves. We recommend gently cleaning photos to remove dust or debris. For ease of cataloguing, you can also provide us with information, like names, dates and locations.
  • How long does photo scanning take?
    Depending on the number of photos, slides and negatives you need scanned and store workloads, it’s best to allow at least two weeks. Please check in store for exact timeframes.
  • Can you digitise images from formats other than photo prints?
    Yes, we sure can. As well as scanning and digitising your photo prints, we can also scan negatives, slides and large-format prints. Enquire in-store for specific requirements.

Protect your photos from the unexpected

Digitise your old photos today with scanning and archiving services so you can access them for many years to come.

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