Data recovery and file backup

Data recovery and file backup

Hard drive crashed? Camera House has a range of tools to help recover your files, including your precious photos. Contact us in-store for help.

Protect your photos with data recovery and file back up support.

Protect your photos from digital disaster

Storing your photos digitally is fantastic, but what happens when the tech goes wrong? Hard drive failures, computers that just won’t reboot, old tech that you’ve forgotten the password for – these are just some of the reasons people come to Camera House for help.

Camera House knows how devastating it can be if you experience data loss. The good news is that in many cases, data can be recovered when you have access to the right tools. Take a deep breath, stop panicking and visit us in-store to see what’s possible.

Why choose Camera House for data recovery and backup

Camera House offers comprehensive data recovery to help you when accidental deletions, equipment failures and viruses put your data at risk. We have access to a range of software tools to help recover files from hard drives, SSDs, memory cards and more. 

We can also help you with strategies to help prevent the need for data recovery in the first place. Camera House offers a range of backup solutions for regular, automated backups. Whether you choose to use us or an alternative service, we can’t emphasise how important it is to have strong digital safety nets in place to protect your photos, now and well into the future.

FAQ about photo and hard drive recovery

  • What types of devices can you recover data from?
    Data recovery is never guaranteed as there’s a lot of variables, but the Camera House team has a proven track record of successfully recovering photos and other data from computers, hard drives, USBs, old CDs and DVDs, SD cards and more.
  • How much do data recovery services cost?
    Data recovery is a custom quoted service. Talk to our team in-store about your device or storage format and the issues you’ve encountered. We’ll be able to give you a ballpark estimate for the cost to recover your files.
  • How long does data recovery take?
    In most cases, we’ll know within a few days if we can recover your files. Because we know how important your digital photos and other data are, we’ll keep you informed with regular updates on our progress and let you know as soon as possible if we’re unable to recover your data.
  • What do you do if you recover the files?
    If the files are recoverable, we’ll transfer your data to either a USB or hard drive as required. You can then download the retrieved files and save them to your own network. We also recommend implementing back up procedures and can provide advice around this.

Keep your digital photos safe

Whether it’s a crisis or prevention, we’re here to help recover and protect your digital photos.

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