Wacom Tablets


Making the world a more creative place
Wacom loves what creativity brings to the world. Creativity inspires new ideas and new imaginations, and brings new changes to the world. They are proud to deliver innovative digital technologies to support all aspects of human creativity. Wacom will provide powerful new tools for creative expression, new ways to shape and share new ideas, and innovative solutions for business.

Wacom aims to nurture creativity in the world through its graphic tablets and drivers. As a result, the Japanese brand is a world leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions.

Wacom’s tablets use electromagnetic resonance technology which means you can enjoy a battery-free, cordless stylus. Since there are no batteries inside Wacom pens, they’re slimmer and lighter than usual. The Wacom Intuos and Wacom Bamboo series are among the brand’s most popular tablets.

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