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Don’t be disadvantaged because of your eyesight. Pop one of our Fujifilm diopters onto your lens to optimise your viewfinder’s sharpness to your eyesight. Diopters help you to adjust your viewfinder for either near- or far-sightedness. You might not even have to wear glasses while taking the shot! Fujifilm’s range of diopters are made of high quality glass to maintain your viewing quality and are available in 6 different powers. Diopters with negative values (-1, -2 or -3) are for near-sighted photographers, while those with positive values (+3, +2 or +1) are for far-sighted photographers. Fujifilm’s diopter corrective lenses work with the Hybrid Multi Viewfinder on the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera. Correct your view and improve the quality of your shots today with our range of Fujifilm diopters and other optics at Camera House! Who knows, it might become an essential tool in your camera kit!