NavMan GPS Navigators and Accessories


Navman GPS is a leading manufacturer of world-class sat nav technology, offering some of the best GPS navigation systems and digital drive recorders for cars, 4WD and trucks. Navman's GPS devices include features like Smart Find, Truck Routes and the industry-first Landmark Guidance Plus

Established in 1986, the Australia/New Zealand based company holds a unique position as an electronics company, employing more than 500 staff involved in the design, development and manufacturing of products including in-car GPS devices and dashboard cameras for recording incidents like collisions or accidents. Satellite navigation technology has been a core technology for Navman's products from inception. The company recognises the need for applications in transportation, recreation and personal information.

Navman is often the brand you think of for GPS navigation systems.  Since 1986, the Australian and New Zealand based company has become a leading manufacturer of sat navs and dash cams.

Using premium satellite navigation technology, Navman now produces some of the world’s best GPS navigation systems for cars, trucks and other vehicles. The brand has also expanded to produce GPS navigators with in-car camera recorders.

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