Nikon 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro Tilt-Shift Lens

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The technical details behind this lens

The Nikon 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro Tilt-Shift Lens is an 85mm telephoto lens which has an aperture range of f/32 to f/2.8 and an aperture design of nine rounded diaphragm blades. This lens can afford a +/-11.5mm shift, +/-8.5 º tilt capability, and a +/-90º (in 30 º increments) revolution. It has a nano crystal coating optical finish. It has a 0.39m closest focusing distance and a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:2.

Extreme close-up

The Nikon 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro Tilt-Shift Lens makes a great lens for extreme close-up photos, owing to its 1:2 maximum reproduction ratio. It provides sharp, detailed photos, even in close-ups, with a beautiful, blurry background.

Superb performance

This lens utilises a superior optical composition to provide its users outstanding images. It also has a close-range correction system, so images taken with a close distance are well-focused and have superior quality. This system is often used in different NIKKOR lenses such as wide-angle, micro, and fisheye.

Amazing image quality

This lens utilises different kinds of technology, namely the nano crystal coat, which is an anti-reflective coating which helps to minimise ghost and flare on your shots. It also has a close-rang correction system which improves the focusing for close-range shots. These technologies allow users to gain sharper, clearer, and stunning images.

Key Features
  • Closest focusing distance: 0.39m
  • Revolution +/-90° (in 30° increments)
  • Aperture range of f/2.8 – f/32
  • 85mm telephoto NIKKOR with +/-11.5mm shift and +/-8.5° tilt capability

Top three reasons we think you will love this lens
  • Great for panoramic photos
  • Precise
  • Beautifully unique

  • 77mm Snap-on front lens cap LC-77
  • Rear lens cap LF-1
  • Bayonet hood HB-22
  • Flexible lens pouch CL-1120
  • Nikon 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro Tilt-Shift Lens

Our expert’s opinion

The Nikon 85mm f2.8D PC-E Micro Tilt-Shift Lens, when doing still shots, is perfect for close-up photography. But it also has several capabilities, such as the tilt and shift, making it great for not just close-range photos, but for panoramic photography as well. This lens is uniquely constructed and has a precise auto focus, especially for close-up shots.