Sony Alpha A7C Silver Compact System Camera (Body Only)

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The technical details behind this camera

Targeting users who are serious about the content they create but also demand a more portable and convenient tool with which to express their creativity and with all of the serious feature set consumers expect from Sony’s Full frame lineup, packed into a smaller lighter body, the Alpha 7C is the perfect camera for the uncompromising shooter who moves fast and expects the best. Weighing in at a mere 509g and still offering 5 step image stabilisation and a powerful 24.4 megapixel 35mm full frame back illuminated sensor this camera delivers serious power and usability. The Autofocus system offers 693 points of focus to support Real time Eye Auto focus for people and even animals when shooting still images as well as Real time Tracking for continuous shooting at up to 10 frames per second. The hybrid options are awesome when you wish to flick rapidly to shooting 4K video and the Eye Auto Focus even tracks people whilst shooting video ! You can shoot all day – using the view finder will allow up to 740 shots on a single battery and with the convenience of a 5GHz/2.4GHZ Wi-fi connection getting those awesome images loaded and ready to go is a breeze.

Compact – pro level photo functionality in such a portable body

It’s the pieces you can’t really see that combine readily with the bits you notice immediately to deliver the best possible movies and still images wherever you go. You may miss a few things at first glance but this tiny camera is not to be underestimated. The full frame sensor delivers spectacular image quality and combines harmoniously with a super stable 5 axis stabilisation system that delivers incredible quality stills and 4K video every time. The feature set is lengthy one but the combination of all the bells and whistles caters to the most discerning of users who demands the ability to deliver artistically considered output.

Creative – video features including Eye Auto Focus

The list of functionality behind the creative features is powerful and lengthy one. The features themselves are designed to be usable though and not just digits on a spec sheet. The way Real time Auto focus works - where simply tapping on a subject on the screen you wish to focus on and half pressing the shutter button to activate Real time Tracking to ensure you are pin sharp all the time with a moving subject! The camera is even smart enough to track your subjects eye when shooting portraits of a moving subject ! The way Sony delivers Real Time tracking is astounding and combined with superb control for movie making with Fast Hybrid AutoFocus may be a testament to decades of cutting edge development in move and broadcast, but for the A7C user it’s just seamless and impressive. And isn’t that what its really all about ?

Cool and Casual- a seriously credible camera

No detail has been spared, from the use of the same monocoque construction used in aircraft manufacture to reduce weight and size without compromising durability, to the way the ergonomics have been considered with the user in mind. With a more subtle form factor than a traditional Full Frame camera where big tends to be better, the novelty of having a street sleeper in the bag is exciting. When opportunity for a great video or still image reveals itself, the A7C is ready and willing to take the call.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this camera
  • Compact – bewildering quality in such a portable body
  • Creative – video features make this an awesome creative tool
  • Cool and Casual- a camera that suits your lifestyle!

Our experts opinion

Our customers love the portability, street appeal and usability of the APS-C series of Sony cameras .. but they also love the astounding quality that Sony offers with the Full Frame solutions. And finally the best of both worlds have come together in one amazing camera ! With whip fast focus, processor power and video functionality derived from its bigger siblings, the revolutionary A7C delivers a serious hybrid solution for content creators looking for an uncompromising solution to deliver a professional still photography and cinema quality video at the flick of a switch. With all this functionality is packed in to the smallest and lightest Full Frame Sony ever! The Sony One Mount solution means lenses are compatible across the system and the only thing you need to bring is your imagination.