Video transfers service

Video transfers service

Save your old movies for the future with video transfer and digitisation services. Visit Camera House in-store for a quote.

Video transfer to digital. Save your old videos into digital files to enjoy for years to come

Get your videos into a file format you can actually watch

Who still has a VHS player? What about a Mini-DVD? Not many people, right? So, what does that mean for your wedding video from 1992 or those old home videos with your kid’s first steps that you’ve got sitting in your cupboard? 

That’s where Camera House can step in. We can help to take your old videos and convert them into a digital file so you can safely save it and continue to enjoy it for years to come. Converting old videos to digital makes a great gift too – just think how delighted your parents would be with a newly converted and edited video of your family holiday from when you were sweet and little!

How does video transfer with Camera House work?

We make bridging the gap between old technology and new formats easy. We know that often you’ve not been able to play your old videos or understand which type of tape or movie reel you have. So, here’s how it works:

  1. Start by contacting your local store to find out what formats they’re able to process.
  2. Bring your old videos (VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, Mini-DVDs, Video 8) in-store and we’ll check what state they’re in. We can also have Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm movie reels digitised for you.
  3. Based on the existing file format, we’ll give you a quote for digitisation, as well as discuss other optional services, like the quantities of copies required and any editing you might like to consider.
  4. Our team of skilled technicians will manage the digitisation, handling your precious movies with the utmost care. This will include cleaning your original source, as well as options for editing to optimise colour balance, resolution and audio clarity. We’ll give you an estimated timeframe for this service at the acceptance of the quote.
  5. You’ll end up with a digital file format that will be securely shared with you to download and save to your own devices and preferred backup locations. If we’ve converted multiple files for you, they’ll be organised and labelled with a logical file structure for ease of storage and searchability.
  6. Your video files will be handed over to you to edit, view and share with family and friends.

It’s that easy. Home movie night, anyone?

FAQ about video transfer to digital

  • What types of videos can you transfer to digital?
    Video transfer services are dependent upon what facilities are available in-store. Some of the formats we can transfer to digital include VHS,VHS-C, Mini-DVD and Video 8. We can also digitise movie reels including Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm formats.
  • How much does video transfer to digital cost?
    Transferring old videos to digital formats is a custom quote service. Our pricing is based on a range of factors including file format, condition, length, as well as optional add-ons like editing and other enhancements. Talk to us in-store for a no-obligation assessment and quote.
  • How can I submit my videos for converting to digital?
    Converting videos to digital is a service offered at selected Camera House stores. If your local store does not offer this service, talk to us about options to send your videos to other stores in our network.
  • Can you enhance videos as part of the digital transfer?
    Yes, as well as converting analogue videos to digital formats, we can also provide optional editing services. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll let you know what’s possible, as well as the costs involved.

Modernise your old videos into digital formats

Talk to us in-store about your videos and get a custom quote.

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