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Background about Camera House Geelong 

Everything old is new again.

Long established in Geelong as the city's premiere specialist camera retailer and formerly known as Roydhouse Camera House, Geelong Camera House has seen a refreshing change of ownership in 2019. Customers will notice the same familiar approach – our sales staff are still experts (some are even practicing professional photographers). We still offer the same quality service and advice you’ve found for decades. We are still members of the PMA. Our highly skilled lab staff still offer the best quality digital printing and yes, we still process film!

But you’ll also find a new level of enthusiasm and leadership. We’re dialling up the excitement levels. We’re enhancing the instore experiences and training. We are even more committed to the development of a genuine, relevant and personalised approach across every facet of the business.

We are focussed on all aspects of our customer experience. Customers reap the benefits of our even broader range of cameras, lenses and accessories on offer. We are committed to maintaining competitive pricing across the range. We operate locally but access the buying power of the Camera House group to deliver big city pricing and old fashioned service levels. We are all passionate about photography in one way or another and we strive to promote and support local photographers.

We offer an extensive range of photographic services across all forms of photographic capture and memory preservation. We can assist you select the right gear for your specific photographic requirements, teach you how to make the most of it via a range of photographic tuition options. In our store we even talk you through how to make your captured image look its most impressive whilst hanging on your wall. We offer a range of support services from camera repair and maintenance, through to photo restoration and family photography.

Why we love taking photos in Geelong

Geelong is genuinely a photographers dream location.

As a Victorian epicentre, the area around Geelong offers abundant photo opportunities …from stylish and picturesque coastal and vineyard wedding settings through to stark industrial scenery. Every possible shooting scenario is covered richly.

We particularly love the street style photography opportunities abounding at every turn. Every building within the local area reflects the deep history of the area. There is a real movement toward modernising the local architecture whilst maintaining the character and soul of the existing structures. We see tremendous opportunity for photography within the local streetscape. The textures and lines of the old are contrasted at every turn with super modern fit-outs and this “old meets new” is refreshing as a photographic subject, and ever changing enough to provide continual interest.

As raving fans of the local area, we love to share the sneaky tricks and tips about where to go and how to optimise shooting experiences in G Town.

What’s so special about Camera House Geelong

Quite simply, it’s our approach. We are incredibly proud of the enthusiasm and skills of our staff. We are all fully trained in videography, photography and photo printing techniques. We live and breathe the awesome local photographic opportunities in Geelong and welcome all comers to share the love.

We are hands on participants rather than passive sellers of photographic gear. Come for a walk around the block with us and check out the awesome photo opportunities in the local street scape.

We conduct courses and workshops and actively encourage everyone in the Geelong area to embrace the rich tapestry of the shooting options in the local area. We want everyone to master the art of photography and see it as being a great connector of the people in the area, an expressive free for all catering for all levels of photographic expertise.

Whether you are just starting out or masters of your craft, we have the equipment to surprise and delight you. We offer a broad range of products from leading brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, FujiFilm, Tamron, Sigma, Lowepro, Bushnell, Manfrotto, Kodak, Joby, Korjo, Metz, GoPro, Blackmagic, ProMaster, SanDisk and Optex.

Come in and see us …all we ask you to bring is your enthusiasm


  1. Sony Alpha Weekend - Great Ocean Road
    • When:19 Aug 2022 01:00 pm
    • Location: Port Campbell 3220
    • Offered by:Geelong
    $749.00 749
  2. Add-on | Charted Doors Off Helicopter Flight Sony Alpha Weekend - Great Ocean Road
    • When:19 Aug 2022 01:00 pm
    • Location: Port Campbell 3220
    • Offered by:Geelong
    $250.00 250
  3. Sunset and Astrophotography Mini Experience
    • When:20 Aug 2022 03:00 pm
    • Location: Port Campbell 3220
    • Offered by:Geelong
    $399.00 399