Trade-in service

Trade-in service

Give old camera equipment a new life with competitive trade-in rates at Camera House. Talk to us in-store for an appraisal.

Trade-in and upgrade your camera gear.

Is it time to trade-in your camera or lenses?

So, over the years, as your photography skills have increase, you want to upgrade your cameras and lenses, stepping up to new technology or better quality equipment. (We know, we’re photography enthusiasts too, we understand.) But you don’t want to end up with a bunch of unused camera equipment sitting around not being used, not to mention needing to fund that new, faster lens you’ve got your eye on. 

The good news is that there’s a strong market for second-hand camera equipment. But selling equipment yourself can be time-consuming. Camera House can help to streamline that process, and give you trade-in credits to put towards equipment upgrades. Staying at the forefront of technology and saving some money – that sounds like a win to us!

Why trade-in your camera with Camera House?

Camera House can simplify and streamline trading in and selling your unused camera gear. Instead of spending hours listing equipment on online platforms, simply bring your equipment in-store and we’ll evaluate its condition to give you a trade-in value.

You can then apply your trade-in as a credit against an upgrade. It’s a sustainable approach, extending the life of your gear and reducing waste, while giving you the chance to save money on new cameras, lenses or other equipment.

FAQ about camera equipment trade-in

  • What types of cameras and accessories can I trade in?
    Any trade-in cameras, lenses and other accessories need to be in working condition. We accept a range of mirrorless, DSLRs and film cameras, as well as accessories like lenses and lighting equipment. For an assessment of your equipment and a trade-in evaluation, please visit us in-store.
  • Can I use the trade-in price as credit for new purchases?
    Yes, absolutely. Check with your local store on their policies around in-store credit or cash payout. 
  • What kind of price can I expect? Can I get an estimate of the trade-in value before coming in-store?
    Trade-in valuations depend on the type of camera, its condition and market demand. You can phone us to get a ballpark range and then we can provide a more comprehensive evaluation in-store.
  • Can I trade-in non-functional equipment?
    For trade-ins, equipment needs to be working. If you want to explore camera repairs, we can quote you on options to restore your equipment, then once the equipment is working, provide you a trade-in quote.

Trade up your gear

Visit us in-store for a competitive trade-in price on your cameras and lenses.

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Geelong is genuinely a photographers dream location. As a Victorian epicentre, the area around Geelong offers abundant photo opportunities …from stylish and picturesque coastal and vineyard wedding settings through to stark industrial scenery. Every possible shooting scenario is covered richly.

We particularly love the street style photography opportunities abounding at every turn. Every building within the local area reflects the deep history of the area. There is a real movement toward modernising the local architecture whilst maintaining the character and soul of the existing structures. We see tremendous opportunity for photography within the local streetscape. The textures and lines of the old are contrasted at every turn with super modern fit-outs and this “old meets new” is refreshing as a photographic subject, and ever changing enough to provide continual interest.

As raving fans of the local area, we love to share the sneaky tricks and tips about where to go and how to optimise shooting experiences in G Town.



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