Sensor and camera cleaning

Sensor and camera cleaning

Keep your camera at its best with sensor cleaning and other cleaning services. Talk to Camera House in-store for a quote.

Ensure crystal-clear photos with professional sensor cleaning.

Great photos start with a clean camera sensor

Are your photos not coming out as clear and vibrant as you want? It might be time to get your camera sensor cleaned. Dust and debris can start to build up on your camera sensor, causing spots and blemishes on your photos.

Camera House’s team of skilled technicians can carefully clean your sensor to remove dust, spots and smudges, so you can get back to focusing on the details that matter. We can also provide a comprehensive camera cleaning service for both digital and film cameras, so you can relax knowing your gear is in pristine condition.

Why choose Camera House for sensor cleaning

Camera House are photography and camera equipment specialists. Our team are fully trained to ensure the best, industry-leading practices and techniques are used to clean your camera gear with care and precision. We ensure the environment for cleaning sensors and cameras is free from other contaminants.

Regularly cleaning and servicing your camera equipment is not only a way to guarantee better quality photos, but prolongs the lifespan of your camera. Keep your cameras and other gear in top condition with Camera House as your trusted partner for sensor cleaning and other maintenance services.

FAQ for sensor cleaning

  • What types of cameras can you clean sensors for?
    Camera House can clean the sensors on all digital SLR cameras, and mirrorless cameras. We also provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services for film cameras.
  • How often should I get my camera sensor cleaned?
    There’s a range of factors that influence how frequently you should get your camera sensor cleaned. Professional photographers who are using equipment day-in, day-out need far more regular cleaning than amateurs. Talk to us in-store about your camera usage for personalised advice.
  • Do you offer both wet and dry sensor cleaning?
    Camera House offers a comprehensive cleaning service, choosing the best method for your camera and the degree of cleaning required. If you’d prefer a specific cleaning method, please discuss this with us in-store.
  • How long does sensor cleaning take? 
    Turnaround times vary based on store workloads. Talk to us in-store about timeframes and we’ll see what’s possible.

Keep my gear at its best

Talk to us in-store about camera sensor and other cleaning services.

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We are passionate about photography and helping our customers capture life's special moments. From camera repairs to film services, printing to scanning, and more, our knowledgeable staff provides top-notch services and products to unleash your creativity. Visit us today and let us help bring your vision to life.


Geelong is genuinely a photographers dream location. As a Victorian epicentre, the area around Geelong offers abundant photo opportunities …from stylish and picturesque coastal and vineyard wedding settings through to stark industrial scenery. Every possible shooting scenario is covered richly.

We particularly love the street style photography opportunities abounding at every turn. Every building within the local area reflects the deep history of the area. There is a real movement toward modernising the local architecture whilst maintaining the character and soul of the existing structures. We see tremendous opportunity for photography within the local streetscape. The textures and lines of the old are contrasted at every turn with super modern fit-outs and this “old meets new” is refreshing as a photographic subject, and ever changing enough to provide continual interest.

As raving fans of the local area, we love to share the sneaky tricks and tips about where to go and how to optimise shooting experiences in G Town.



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