Lens Accessories

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While your lens is the real genius behind many shots, it would be nothing without some important lens accessories. Some of Tamron lens accessories help protect your camera, while other provide additional features that allow you to get more out of your camera. Tamron’s range of teleconverters extend the effective focal length of your lens, making it an essential addition to your camera kit! Not just that, Tamron’s teleconverters for Canon and Nikon cameras are built to suppress flare and ghosting, further improving your shots. Don’t go anywhere without a Tamron lens cap to protect your lens glass from scratches and smudging. Tamron’s range of lens hoods are another added level of protection for your lens, while also improving your photos by reducing flare. Browse our range of Tamron len accessories, including lens converters and more, online today - or explore your lens options further to learn more about interchangeable lenses and their capabilities.