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Looking for the perfect storage unit to protect your GoPro and GoPro accessories when they’re not in use? GoPro’s dedicated camera cases are the perfect solution. Small enough to fit inside a backpack, GoPro’s cases have enough space to carry your GoPro HERO cameras with room spare for your essential accessories. GoPro has designed its camera cases to perfectly suit your needs, with compartments tailored to fit your GoPro cameras. The foam inserts help protect all your equipment, while the cases open out so you can easily grab what you need at a moment’s notice. Of course, what would a GoPro case be if it weren’t built for adventure? That’s why GoPro’s cases are built with a rugged design, including weather-resistant, semi-rigid shells that protect your equipment from all the elements. Shop Camera House’s range of cases for your GoPro today and take your camera with you on every adventure!