GoPro MAX 360

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The technical details behind this camera

With a massive 16.6 Megapixels of 360 degree spherical capture wizardry built in. Unbreakable stabilisation. Booming audio. And the flexibility to capture traditional GoPro video and photos or shoot 360 degree footage of the world around you. Panoramic shots happen without panning. And with the power of six microphones on board you get the benefit of immersive audio to boot.

Max HyperSmooth

Max HypeSmooth utilises 180 degree capture as the ultimate buffer. A stable shooting platform is much more important and harder to achieve when shooting video than still images. This camera simply owns it.

Max TimeWarp

This camera is seriously cool. Capture super stabilised time lapse videos while you move through an activity. In HERO mode, TimeWarp automatically adjusts speed based on motion, scene detection and lighting. You can even slow down the effect to real time, savouring interesting moments and then tap to speed it up.

Spherical Capture as well as traditional capture

Some occasions really need to be seen in 360 degrees to truly appreciate the epic nature of them. Think downhill, racing cars, skydiving. The Max offers True immersion in the occasion with a massive and seamless 360 degree shooting capability. And an uncompromising ability to shoot via a more traditional field of view when required. And with six microphones offering flexibility to hone in on the sound you love, this camera is perfect for extreme vloggers.

Top three Reasons we think you will love this camera
  • Serious build quality and durability
  • Incredible 360 degree video performance
  • Ultra high image quality and flexibility. Live stream in 1080p.

Our experts opinion

This camera is a testament to why GoPro has owned the action camera category for many years. An ongoing commitment to developing usable features and enhancing the shooting experience to enable the capture of extreme bursts of adrenalin pumping movement and elegantly relive it in stunning slow motion. The MAX is a great option if you yearn to not just observe life but to immerse yourself in it. Easier than ever to use, with connectivity for easy sharing, powerful onboard stabilisation and incredible image capture. Durable, compact, rugged and waterproof. Wearable. And engineered to handle the gruelling demands of outdoor and extreme sports..

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Shutter Speed1/28000 - .2 Seconds (Photo)
Dimensions6.4 x 6.9 x 4.0 cm