Velbon Tripods


The name Velbon comes from the words 'very' and 'bon' ('good' in French). The name sounds like the word for 'ringing a bell' in Chinese, so we use 'Golden Bell' as the brand name in China. Golden Bell is the most popular brand in the Chinese market. When we supplied products that were manufactured in Japan, we enclosed a small swinging gold bell with each unit as a symbol of the brand.

Since 1955, Velbon has been innovating new ways to make the tripod more user friendly. The company maintains its focus on creating lightweight and compact tripods that can be sturdy and sufficiently high when extended.

Today, Velbon tripods and monopods are some of the best in the business – but what would you expect from a company that takes its name from the phrase “very good” (bon is French for good)?

Here at Camera House, we’re pleased to stock a huge range of Velbon accessories, including not just tripods but dollies, fluid heads, macro sliders, quick shoes, and plenty more. Browse our full selection of Velbon products to create a camera kit worthy of admiration!