HOYA Lens Australia makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Opticians located within Australia and New Zealand. HOYA supplies a range of high quality products, including both plastic and glass lenses. We manufacture a wide range of lenses in single vision, multi-focal and bi-focal designs, all of which are available in different materials and with different coatings and finishes, catering for a wide variety of budgets and lifestyles as well as cosmetic and comfort requirements.

Hoya was established in 1941 and Japan’s first specialty manufacturer of optical glass soon diversified to become a leading optics technology developer.

Hoya is proud to produce high quality lens filters, including general filters, neutral density filters, coloured and special effect filters and camera lens hoods.

Whatever lens filter you need for your photography, Hoya has one for you. Their excellent lens hoods will protect your lens from bumps and scrapes ensuring your lens lasts the test of time.

Hoya insists on producing quality products for photographers of all proficiencies, whether you are just beginning to experiment with a DSLR or you are an old pro. Find Hoya camera accessories for your camera now!