Astak Inc. is a leading home and business security solutions developer, manufacturer and marketer producing aggressive annual growth in the security and surveillance industry.

A distinguishing feature of Astak Inc is that the Company has a dedicated Research & Development department that strives to continuously improve the quality of the Company’s security products.

Astak Inc. has also developed overseas manufacturing partnerships that enable the Company to produce innovative and leading technology solutions.

Product offerings include wireless and wired cameras, IP Network cameras, and security DVRs, catering to a broad range of end users from DIY customers with residential needs, to big-name resellers, to installers for commercial business needs.

With world-wide branch offices, our technology solutions have boosted Astak Inc. to the forefront of security solutions in this fast-growing market segment.

Whether you are looking to keep your home safe or ensure your business is secure, installing an Astak wireless security camera may be the best decision you ever make.

Astak is a leading home and business security solutions company. Their range of innovative surveillance products and security solutions makes protecting your assets easier than ever.

The Astak Mole Camera offers wireless and IP network capabilities, which allows you to capture and send clips to YouTube and Facebook, even if you’re away.

With motion detection that can alert you whenever the camera captures movement, you can rest easy with an Astak camera system. Browse our full range online today.