Qubie is based in Melbourne. However, their flagship product, the Qubie LED Micro Light is an award-winning lighting device known around the world.

Take better smartphone shots with more accurate lighting or enjoy better quality videos taken with a GoPro with the Qubie, which has a lot to offer in such a small package.

The Qubie is great to take to parties, shooting a YouTube video, participating in video chats or to for your night-time adventures.

There are a range of accessories that can help you attach your Qubie to GoPros, cameras and tripods, you can also attach it to things using the suction cup of magnet. The designers at Qubie have really thought of everything!

The Qubie offers you perfect lighting, which can be controlled using the free iPhone or Android app.

Whatever you’re shooting, you’ll need quality lighting, and the Qubie lets your creativity shine. Shop Qubie at Camera House now!