When Polaroid announced the end of instant film in 2008, Impossible stepped in to buy the last remaining factory, days before it closed down. The machines had been dismantled, there were no formulas to follow and the supply chain had already been destroyed. If we wanted to keep instant photography alive, we had to reinvent instant film from scratch.

Eight years later, with the help of some incredible chemists, engineers and photographers, we’re the only people in the world who make original format instant film. We make film in both color and black and white, for Polaroid 600-type, SX-70 and Image/Spectra cameras, as well as large format 8x10 film. We also refurbish classic Polaroid cameras so they’re as good as new, and have introduced our own new range of Impossible cameras. 

Whether you have had your old Polaroid camera since the 70’s or you picked one up at the local Op Shop, you will need some instant film.

In 2008 Polaroid announced the end of instant film, that’s when Impossible stepped in. They bought the last remaining factory and began to reinvent instant film from the bottom up.

Polaroids have since found favour with a new generation of kids; after everything became digital it was nice to be able to be able to hold a photo in your hands minutes after taking it.

Impossible saved these vintage cameras from becoming obsolete. Offering instant film for SX70 and PX70CP Polaroid cameras and the PX680 camera, photographers can still find joy using their old Polaroid cameras. Pick up some Impossible instant film online now!